It is to our regret that due to the nature of the premises, in the basement of an old (c1880) building, there is just no extra space for us to build any form of disabled access or special toilet facilities.

Access is by two short flights of stairs down from street level, 16 steps to the intermediate landing, then a further 9 steps down to the basement level, both flights with handrails.

It may be possible for a wheelchair user – accompanied by helpers – to have the wheelchair carried, with occupant, down and back up the stairs. However, City Council Fire Regulations state that for this to be permissible, wheelchair users will have to be accompanied by able assistants who will remain with them at all times, and be prepared to carry the chair plus occupant back up the stairs in case of emergency evacuation.

We sincerely apologise for this restricted access, but there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it, there’s just no room to create the facilities. There may be a prospect of some future expansion, and when that happens we’ll certainly create full access.