What makes this really cool, multiple award-winning basement music venue so universally appealing is its unique daily mix of excellent, multi-genre live music, well-presented in a stylish but non-trendy environment, with great bar service, amid an ever-changing creative buzz.

Since we opened in 2005, our music programme has developed into a fantastic musical genre-mix, making the venue hugely popular with a diverse range of audiences. About one third of what goes on here is ‘Jazz’ of some kind, another one third is Acoustic/Blues/Roots, the remaining one third being Funk/Soul/Electric. So every single day there are multiple gigs of varying style happening (that’s 3-5 gigs a day – EVERY day!), but always with extremely high quality.

And with SEVEN major awards sitting on our trophies shelf, you can trust that you’ll be hearing excellent music, in a correspondingly first-class environment.

Check the Programme Listings before you drop in, and you’ll see what musical genre will be onstage at any time (several every day!)
Please note that as we have ever-changing bands on, with constantly shifting audiences, we can’t reserve seating or tables for any events.



Unfortunately the inevitable has happened and we are ceasing operations for the time being. On any given week, we would host 22+ bands and well over 100 musicians. Stay tuned in to our Blog and/or Facebook and Instagram pages for shares of their recordings, band music and merch links and follow along for a glimpse of what our programme would have looked like. We’ll be sharing ways that you can continue to support musicians and the venue.


You can continue to support us and the professional musicians who are struggling right now, by donating what you might usually spend on an entry fee or a drink, or any other amount that you wish. Professional musicians and all hospitality/event staff are facing an incredibly difficult time, having seen months of steady work disappear over-night. Any donations would be extremely appreciated to help us to continue to pay our staff through our closure and support our local event staff community in any way that we can.