Opening Hours

We open Mon-Fri at 5pm, Sat 1.30pm, Sun 2pm if there’s an afternoon gig, otherwise 5pm. That’s EVERY DAY, all year round, except for the one single day of the entire year when this place falls silent – Christmas Day!

We close at 3am every night (or is that ‘morning’?), except during special Festivals e.g. the two weeks of Christmas and Hogmanay (New Year) Festivals, the 10-day¬† Edinburgh Jazz Festival (late July) and the month-long Fringe in August, when we have a 2-hour extension. Yep, bar to 5am!

Our ‘day’ goes to closing time, not midnight! So, a gig that’s listed as ‘Friday 25th, 1am’ is actually happening late FRIDAY night. Watch out with electronic diaries as they will show this gig as running on Saturday 26th in the morning.