The Piano!

When we opened, money was tight and we could not afford a really good piano, having to make do with a fairly basic baby grand. However, in 2007 we were offered an extra-special new piano deal by Yamaha UK  – but we didn’t have enough cash to pay for it. We realised that this kind of fantastic opportunity to acquire a brand new, high-quality instrument would not reappear – we had to find the cash from somewhere!

A fundraising campaign was launched to raise the required shortfall of £5,000, and as well as asking for cash sponsorship donations, we started a scheme to ‘sell’ (sponsor) individual piano keys, at £50 each key (Edinburgh pianist Paul Kirby’s idea – nice one, Paul!).

In just 10 weeks, all 88 piano keys were ‘sold’– OUR CUSTOMERS AND MUSICIANS  BOUGHT THE PIANO!

The level of support has been absolutely tremendous and we sincerely thank everyone who has made any form of contribution.