Welcome to The Jazz Bar, Edinburgh

There’s something for everyone – Jazz and so much more

What makes this really cool basement music venue so universally appealing is its unique, high-quality, seven-nights-a-week mix of superb, ever-changing multi-genre music, all in a stylish speakeasy-style environment, with great bar service, and a non-stop, exciting, creative buzz.







There’s always loads going on – we stage three or four gigs a day, every day, every week, every month, all year round  – but we do allow ourselves a wee annual one-day holiday on Christmas Day! That’s the one and only day of the year, that this place falls silent.

The Jazz Bar opened its doors on 1 July 2005. The initial focus was mainly on jazz events, but it was soon recognised that this was a superb performance space for other kinds of good music, and it quickly became a magnet for musicians and bands of all types, who added their particular musical offering to the bar’s repertoire. This has developed over the years into today’s fantastic mix of musical genres, which makes the venue so successful with its wide-ranging audiences.

Jazz Bar Music Genres:

In terms of hours of music per month, about a third of what goes on here is ‘Jazz’, another third is Blues/Folk/Acoustic, the remaining third being Funk/Soul/Electric.