A true driving force on the Scottish jazz scene today, bassist Brodie Jarvie has proven his creative strengths as sideman, bandleader and composer in a number of projects and festivals the world over, working alongside esteemed musicians such as Tommy Smith, The Scottish National Jazz Orchestra, Paul Harrison’s ACT SHY, and Brian Molley Quartet. Although known for his big, yet intimate sound, Brodie’s fine sensitivity to the fibres of music makes him as much a grounding force on the bass as an independent voice in any ensemble.

Describing his group Fine Men With Foul Tongues, Brodie says “It’s aim is simple, to play music that has no bull-shit, hits the ground running”. Brodie cuts out the fluff, allowing each carefully crafted note its full breath, and producing a crisp and clean, geometric sound. Steeped in the math of jazz time-signatures, and inspired by Brodie’s Celtic roots, the music takes on a folkloric tinge at times, guiding the listener on a journey through an ever expanding and variable landscape.

The well-contoured play between tension and release puts the music in a constant momentum, drawing the listener closer to the music. Brodie’s compositions can be as an anthem of a Celtic fairyland, two-feet-on-the-ground ideas combined with an equal portion of mystique and intrigue.

Recorded live at the end of Brodie’s Masters degree at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, Brodie’s debut EP as bandleader, ‘Mountains out of Molehills’, features some highlight up-and-coming names such as Fuensanta Méndez, Sun-Mi Hong, Nicolo Francesco Ricci, Giovanni Agosti, Alistair Payne and Teis Serney. Available now from Brodie’s website as physical CD or digital download or via Apple Music and Bandcamp.


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