Chip Wickham – April 22nd

Chip Wickham

Flautist, saxophonist, composer and producer, Chip Wickham started out in the breakbeat, hip-hop and drum & bass scene of Manchester, quickly finding himself touring all over the world with big names and even performing on the sountrack of Guy Ritchie’s ‘Snatch’. Writing, producing and remixing, Wickham draws from a variety of musical genres from modal and spiritual jazz, raw funk, electro, and heavy latin beats. Based in the bustling late night scene of Madrid, Wickham is highly active and engaged in the live music scenes of both Spain and the UK.

Toeing the line between live jazz and DJ sets, Wickham’s music exemplifies the swagger and flair of 60s Soho swing in a rebelious spiritual jazz that aims to capture a classic analogue sound. As at home in a jazz club, movie sountrack, or dance floor, his records are often remixed and sampled by DJs around the world, which Wickham encourages, seeing a remix as a chance to give the songs new interpretation and life, allowing the music to freely move into different scenes of the music world.

Wickham was due to join us tonight as part of his international tour for his brand new album, ‘Blue to Red’. Described as Wickham’s “most absorbing and cosmically-charged offering to date. Soaring flute melodies, lush harp arpeggios and glistening Rhodes keys interact across six journeying, spiritual jazz compositions, leaning on a rich palette of sounds beyond borders, space and time.” The album narrates the climate crisis, as Earth’s ‘pale blue dot’ creeps closer to Mars’ heat.  “Jazz has always had a big spiritual connection with life and our place in the cosmos, searching for answers and finding meaning above us, but now we need to stop looking up and look around before its too late and blue becomes red.” – Chip Wickham

Arriving on the 8th of May in disc, vinyl and digital formats, the celestial album is available to pre-order from Bandcamp now, alongside his other releases. With a current goal of releasing five albums in five years, his latest album is number three.


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