One of the most in-demand young jazz musicians on the scene, pianist Fraser Urquhart has been making a name for himself performing elegant and artful straight-ahead jazz, drawn from a deep love and appreciation of the music.

Son of jazz guitarist Dougie Urquhart, Fraser seeks out mentors from near and far, such as his hero Brian Kellock and major NYC pianist Michael Kanan, serving his unending drive to develop his craft. From tender ballads through fiery tempos, Fraser’s natural swing and classy tone highlight his impeccable talent and have seen him perform alongside a long-list of local legends as well as features on BBCs Jazz Nights at the Quay, and a great many festivals including major slots with Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival.

With his focus having been on live gigs, Fraser was due to record some of his tracks this Spring, and so doesn’t yet have any music available to purchase, but to support Fraser and help him get into the recording studio in the near-future, you can donate directly to Follow his partner, and outstanding vocalist in her own right, Georgia C├ęcile on Facebook for their wonderful home concert live streams.

The Gil Scott-Heron Songbook

Showing his versatility, Fraser has also pushed outside of his classic jazz roots to collaborate with local Funk & Soul guitar master Aki Remally, in their Fringe Festival hit show The Gil Scott-Heron Songbook, which was helpfully recorded live at the Dundee Jazz Festival last year so you can now have a free preview from the comfort of your own home.

If you would like to support Aki, you can also donate to him directly at


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