JZ Replacement – May 5th

This is Jazz in a Mosh Pit

It’s anarchistic, acid-punk jazz. I’ll grant you, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. JZ Replacement is raw, savage, surreal, and remarkable.

There is an impeccable surgical precision hidden in the chaos. With such a small line-up of only maverick alto saxophonist Zhenya Strigalev (Eric Harland, Ambrose Akinmusire) and powerhouse drummer Jamie Murray (Sun Ra Arkestra, Native Dancer), the duo are keenly tuned to one another, and operate as if a single symbiotic being.

Their approach to music is simply to be happy, performing music that is totally free and creative, their influences come from all corners of the world. With notes of Charlie Parker, Robert Glasper, Miles Davis, Balkan & Celtic folk, Indian textures, punk-rock hard-grooves, and a hint of David Bowie, they form a surreal, organic, original sound that is highly dynamic and fascinatingly intense.

The most common feedback heard after a JZ Replacement gig is “Who the hell was that?!”

Operating on the bleeding edge of jazz, the duo value precision and freedom with a clear concept of how their sound should flow. Their hyper-focused, telepathic interplay is gripping to watch live and Strigalev’s frenetic compositions are deeply grooved and emotionally energetic. Electronic embellishments soften the edges, imparting a subtlety and underlying fragility to their ferocious facade. It’s an intense experience, not for the faint of heart, that moves through intriguing and far-out spaces of the musical spectrum, not often visited.

Their latest album, ‘Disrespectful’, was released this March as the band’s International tour was cut in half by the lockdown (with us Feb 20th). The album also features special guest and collaborator, LA bass master Tim Lefebvre, who has worked with the likes of David Bowie, Wayne Krantz, Elvis Costello, Donny McCaslin, and Mark Guiliana.

Disrespectful is out now on Bandcamp!

John Hunt’s Blues Kitchen – Week 7!

I’m sorry, I was mistaken. THIS is the bleeding edge of jazz.


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