Mario Caribé – May 8th


Originally from Sao-Paolo, Brazil, bassist Mario Caribé moved to Scotland in 1996 and quickly became one of the most in-demand names of the Scottish jazz scene, joining up with Tommy Smith’s Sextet, Beasts of Scotland, and later becoming a staple member of the prestigious Scottish National Jazz Orchestra.

His musical talents began with Bossa-Nova guitar, until he was inspired to switch to bass after discovering Jaco Pastorius’s fretless bass work on Weather Report’s classic, ‘Birdland’. From there, his attention turned to acoustic bass under the influence of Eberhardt Weber, Charlie Haden, Ray Brown and Charlie Mingus, and his musical tastes grew diverse and expansive.

Caribé brings a characteristic Latin flair to the Scottish jazz scene, composing and performing with outfits such as his eponymous Quartet, Boteco Trio, Mosel Shift, Fret, Crusaders Time Machine sextet, and a great many more. He breaks down the borders of musical genre, unapologetically overlapping jazz vibes with a variety of sounds such as Celtic, Balkan or Judaic folk, Afro-Cuban textures, classic funk grooves, and Latin Bossa, to create all-new world-striding styles.

Caribé’s impressively expansive musical range and inquisitive nature, spurs him ever further into new territory, joining forces with some of the top improvisational names in Scottish jazz, experimenting with all new instrumental combinations and rhythmic textures to produce brand-new jazz concoctions. His innate handling of complex time-signatures and jazz rhythms makes any performance a joy to watch and adds an exciting element to any genre he tackles.

Check out more of Caribé’s diverse musical repertoire at Soundcloud, including Mario Caribé Quartet albums ‘Hands On’ and ‘Bacuris’.

Also available to stream on Spotify, is his collaboration with Kevin MacKenzie and Alyn Cosker, ‘The Ballad of Future Joe’.


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