Mondays – March 23rd

The Jazz Bar’s 17-Piece Big Band

On Mondays we go all out. The 17-piece big band consists of four rhythm, four trumpets, four trombones, and five saxophones with a changeable line-up each week. Co-hosted by saxophonist Keith Edwards and bassist Erik Lars Hansen, they meet each week for a bombastic performance of all styles of jazz, using charts from all over the world.

If you have visited us for one of these Mondays, you may have noticed Jazz Bar regular Jimmy Dunn sitting at the front of the crowd recording the performances. Jimmy has kindly sent us some of these performances to share with you all.

And so here is the full performance from 07/10/19, a 17-Piece Big Band streamed direct to your living room!

Glamour & The Baybes

And then it gets really crazy. When the big band are all packed up, Glamour & The Baybes jazz-funk spectacular begins. Featuring Angus Munro’s four-octave vocals, and mad, driving grooves, these nights are a favourite for many. Angus’ chat is pretty spectacular also and if you haven’t yet experienced the true weirdness of Angus, I thoroughly recommend it – and you’re in luck, because he’s live streaming a home show on Friday!

Here’s a video of the Baybes performing Vulfpeck’s Concious Club, which Vulfpeck themselves were so impressed by that they turned it into a meme!

You can support the band by buying their music here.


You can continue to support us and the professional musicians who are struggling right now, by donating what you might usually spend on an entry fee or a drink, or any other amount that you wish. Professional musicians and all hospitality/event staff are facing an incredibly difficult time, having seen months of steady work disappear over-night. Any donations would be extremely appreciated to help us to continue to pay our staff through our closure and support our local event staff community in any way that we can.

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