Run Logan Run – May 6th

Run Logan Run

Another heavy duo line-up, but with a much different sound. Run Logan Run are a head on collision of pounding tribal drums (Matt Brown) and screaming guttural saxophone (Andrew Neil Hayes). Expanding their sound with mixed-media percussion, circular breathing, and abstract electronic FX distortions, they perform heavy spiritual jazz in an experimental atmosphere.

“The key word for Run Logan Run is intensity, in all its different guises” – Andrew Neil Hayes

Their compositions are collaborative and dynamic, with soft, delicate harmonies that explode with raw power into growling beasts. There is a pulsing, bridled energy in their music, fuelled by emotion and delivered in driving grooves and vast FX soundscapes. “The shows are like the album on steroids,” says Hayes, “The dynamic range is really pushed. A lot of the sections are heavily improvised within a framework. There are parts where we don’t know what will happen.” 

Mantric, haunting sax melodies spiral and swell in mesmerising patterns, pulled at the edges by the underlying FX and seamlessly fusing jazz and electronic genres. The emotive and hypnotic aspect of the duo’s music makes for easy, satisfying and intriguing listening and it’s difficult not to get sucked into their spectral soundscapes.


On March 19th, the duo held a 55-minute live-stream ‘lockdown session’ (embedded below), which they later topped up with a second live-stream discussion of their sound set up, to answer questions from other artists also tackling the complications of recording at home.

Check out their Bandcamp for music and merchandise, including a free download of their live session at Stag and Hounds in 2016!


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