Sundays + Live from the Lockdown – March 22nd

6pm – Hot Tin Roof

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Sundays are all about blues and soul and on Sunday evenings we found a beautiful clandestine relationship grow between 6pm regulars Hot Tin Roof and Edinburgh’s blues dancing club. The atmosphere is both smoky and electric on these nights, perfect for a weekend evening relaxing with a cocktail.

For more of Hot Tin Roof’s music, and to support the band, check out their bandcamp page here.

Midnight – The Sunday Sinners

The Sunday Sinners! Neo-soul and trip-hop grooves. The Sinners often switch up their line-up, featuring the powerful vocals of both Amy Hawthorn and Fiona Lynch alongside the ever-present Aki Remally and his trusty sky blue G&L guitar (named Georgia).

The current (when we are open anyway), line-up features Fiona Lynch (voc, video below) Aki Remally (guitar), Jim Drummond (drums), Dougie Coulter (bass), and Mike Kearney (keys).

To support the musicians, you can donate to:
Amy Hawthorn –
Aki Remally –

Live from the Lockdown

For an added bonus, here’s Aki Remally singing Average White Band’s ‘Cloudy’ while we break down the stage equipment for safe storage. It’s impossible to tell how long we may be closed for at this stage, and the future is looking very cloudy indeed, but there is so much spirit in this place and an amazing community support to keep us going. Stay tuned!


You can continue to support us and the professional musicians who are struggling right now, by donating what you might usually spend on an entry fee or a drink, or any other amount that you wish. Professional musicians and all hospitality/event staff are facing an incredibly difficult time, having seen months of steady work disappear over-night. Any donations would be extremely appreciated to help us to continue to pay our staff through our closure and support our local event staff community in any way that we can.

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