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Music Programming Development

When we opened back in 2005, the initial focus was mainly on jazz events, but it was soon recognised that this was a superb performance space for other kinds of good music, and it quickly became a magnet for musicians and bands of all types, who added their particular musical offering to the bar’s repertoire. This has developed the programming into today’s fantastic mix of musical genres, which makes the venue so successful with such wide-ranging audiences. About a third of what goes on here is ‘Jazz’, another third is Blues/Roots/Acoustic, the remaining third being Funk/Soul/Electric.

Special thanks are due to those locally based musicians who have, over the years, brought in their own unique music, adding to the venue’s popularity while developing their own bands and individual musical styles. There are of course too many names to list here, and any omissions are just due to space limitations.

However, in particular The Jazz Bar recognises and thanks the hugely important musical and programming contributions made by Aki Remally, Mike Kearney, Rossco Galloway, William Douglas, Roberta Pia, DJ Chris Knight, Calum McIntyre, Tom Pickles, Charles Dearness, Keith Edwards, Jordie Gilmour, Gavin Duvet, Paul Mills, Toby Mottershead, Jenny Lindsay, Andy Duncan and countless others.


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