(Not) joining us on their small UK tour, Bernard Van Rossum Quartet showcase original compositions of evocative musical landscapes with their debut album, Trampoline, which aims to capture the feeling of hanging suspended in the air. Combining light and playful song-like simplicity of melody with rich and dynamic solos, the quartet draws from a variety of cultural styles that stem from Van Rossum’s Hispano-Dutch heritage and his time spent in Barcelona, the USA and Amsterdam.

Check out the quartet’s brand new album on Soundcloud, also available on Amazon Music and Apple Music.


Van Rossum’s larger project. This unique 22-piece big band features the fire of flamenco cante (voice), palmas (clapping), Spanish guitar and caj√≥n percussion, with flamenco dancers often adding zapateado (footwork) to the sound patterns, melding the classic big band sound with an almost folkloric expression of vibrant latin movement. This symbiosis of flamenco rhythms and jazz harmonies produces a fascinating groundwork for improvisation. Van Rossum directs the group through original compositions and arrangements and has seen them featured at a great number of international festivals as well as emerging winners of Meerjazz International Big Band Competition in 2014 and the Keep an Eye on Jazz Records award in 2015.

Their latest album Luz de Luna is available now as digital download from their dedicated website and Apple Music.


Each week, Edinburgh’s own Hendrix, Aki Remally, graces our stage with a crew of spectacular funk-soul players as the Future Heroes. Aki is Edinburgh’s most in-demand funk guitarist, performing with a huge number of groups over the years, and hosting his own Fringe shows each year. Last year he performed two shows, Hendrix & Us, and The Gil Scott-Heron Songbook, and was due to repeat his sell-out hit Hendrix show alongside two others this year for a Donny Hathaway songbook and a performance run with his sister, playing songs from the great sibling groups of funk legends. Whatever we end up doing in August without the Fringe festival operating, Aki will no doubt be featured heavily. How could we not? Check this out:

Please help us to support Aki during our closure by donating to him directly at


You can continue to support us and the professional musicians who are struggling right now, by donating what you might usually spend on an entry fee or a drink, or any other amount that you wish. Professional musicians and all hospitality/event staff are facing an incredibly difficult time, having seen months of steady work disappear over-night. Any donations would be extremely appreciated to help us to continue to pay our staff through our closure and support our local event staff community in any way that we can.

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