Jed Potts + John Hunt week 3 – April 7th

Jed Potts – A tribute to Apollo 13

Acclaimed Edinburgh guitarist, Jed Potts is set to release a brand new song in tribute to the Apollo 13 space mission titled “Talkin’ Apollo 13 Blues”, this Saturday 11th of April; the 50th anniversary of the launch.

You may reconise Jed from his frontline residency with The Jazz Bar’s late-night New Orleans style funk & blues band, Swampfog, or perhaps from his sold-out shows at the Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival with his band Jed Potts and the Hillman Hunters. Keeping ever busy, Jed also records and tours with American blues artist Brandon Santini and is involved in a number of projects around Edinburgh.

The tribute song crams the story of the mission into 3-minutes of traditional “talking blues”; a song format popularised during the Great Depression by the likes of Woody Guthrie. Apollo 13 was to be the third mission to land on the Moon, but during the flight an explosion in one of the oxygen tanks catastrophically damaged the spacecraft and the crew were forced to orbit the Moon and return to the Earth without landing. The near fatal accident, and groundbreaking problem-solving which followed, lead to NASA deeming the mission “a successful failure”.

“Talkin’ Apollo 13 Blues” will be accompanied by a video created by local graphic design company Lentil and the song will be available on all major streaming platforms and available for purchase via Jed’s bandcamp page.


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A brand new installment of the best show in the lockdown. John Hunt plays the quarantine blues direct from his kitchen where he has set up his own private jazz bar, this time with special guest prisoner!

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