Mosel Shift – April 29th

Mosel Shift

Due to perform today at 9pm, Mosel Shift is a relatively new and incredibly exciting group. Bringing together some top names of the Scottish jazz scene for a nu-world sound of jazz, Latin, and tango music woven with Judaic and Scottish folk. Featuring Ewen MacLean (guitar), Brian Molley (saxes and flute), Phil Alexander (accordion), Mario Caribé (bass), and Stu Brown (drums), Mosel Shift performs dynamic original material with a global and diverse sound.

This crew are no strangers to combining cultural sounds. Brian Molley Quartet work closely with Indian artists such as percussionist Krishna Kishor, producing brand new sounds in a stunning interplay of Eastern and Western textures. They were due to collaborate again for a Fringe Festival run in 2020, but it may be some time before we can see this outstanding show return.

Brazilian-born bassist Mario Caribé has been adding Latin spice to Scottish jazz for some time now, and is now in constant demand for all genres of music, thanks to his consummate musicianship and encyclopaedic knowledge of everything jazz and Latin.

The concept almost seems like it shouldn’t work, combining such an odd mish-mash of influences, but the instruments and style lines are shaded together seamlessly in their fresh and adventurous compositions, with plenty of space for the group’s confident improvisation.

Driving Brazilian bass, deep guitar grooves, lyrical accordion, and surprisingly funky reels, flow together in beautiful melodies and fascinating rhythms. This is one of the most interesting groups on the scene right now and makes for deeply satisfying listening, with truly exceptional musicianship.


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