Welcome to Edinburgh’s famous Jazz Bar

Please excuse our appearance!
Our website was hacked, and we are using this temporary site which looks a bit … odd! All the info is still there, but may have been moved around a bit. We’ll be back with a new look ASAP!


Looking for a ‘Jazz Club’? Great – you’ve found one!

However, this place is a LOT more than just a ‘Jazz’ venue!

Of course, we present loads of great jazz. but that’s only ONE THIRD of what we stage.

The other two thirds of our music is more really good stuff – the very best of Funk, Fusion, Soul, Blues, Roots, Acoustic and other events, featuring excellent Local, UK and International Touring bands.

There’s multiple gigs here EVERY night, seven nights a week, every week – all year round.
Check the programme listings before you drop in, to see what’s on.

The key word here is QUALITY. Whatever genre of music may be happening on stage, you can trust that it’s gonna be good – just open your ears!

And with SIX major awards sitting on our trophies shelf, you can also trust that you’ll be hearing excellent music, in a correspondingly high-quality environment.



Edinburgh Jazz Bar | Chambers Street